The Morrisian Indicator

This Blog is meant to be a financial services blog in which I will discuss my indicator that I developed and call the Morrisian Indicator after my last name ‘Morris.’  Because this Indicator is not coded, I will be doing by hand and applying to a list of 20 securities.  Eventually I will get a developer to make a plug-in out of it so that it may be used with any set of securities that one wishes to follow.  I will use this indicator as a part of my investment plan which I intend to discuss and develop within the context of this blog.  I will be following 20 securities with my indicator for now.  The symbols for these securities are: AKS, AMD, CBG, CIE, CX, DNR, EXEL, FCX, GNW, MPC, MRO, MS, MT, MTW, NBR, OAS, ODP, PBR, SDRL, & TCK.  After only 3 more trading days I will begin plotting the Morrisian Indicator for all of the above mentioned securites.  I will invite anyone who wishes to, to follow along as I point out when this indicator is signally a buy or short sell of a particular security or perhaps the purchase of call or puts based on these securities.  Options are available for all of these securities.

I will not be discussing the inner workings of my indicator but I will discuss what it looks like and how the indicator gives a signal, at least until I can get the Indicator professionally developed as a plug-in.  When I see that the indicator is indicating a long or short position on something, I will explain how this is the case.


EC Morris




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