The Morrisian Indicator

Just 1 more day before I can start releasing the results of my indicator.  I will be going to Maine for vacation though, so I may not post anything for another 2 days from my Hotel room in Maine.

I now continue my letter grades for long term Index & Sector charts.  I posit that a C chart shows an overall increase from the left side of the chart to the right side of the chart of less than 45 degrees that has 2 or more major inflexion points in price that are above the current price.  An inflexion point separates a series of higher bars where the 5th preceding weekly bar or greater has a lower high and lower low than the current inflexion bar low and following bars to the 5th following bar or more has a lower high and lower low than the current inflexion bar low.

A D graded chart is basically a sideways moving chart from left right showing a minimal angle from the opening bar and price to the closing bar and price.  Any angle should be no more than 10%  positive to less than 10% negative and there should be multiple inflexion points both above and below the latest price within about the same distance.

An F graded chart should simply be the opposite of a B graded chart.  This chart should have a clear downward bias between negative 10% and negative 45% with two or more inflexion points below the current price.

We are unlikely to see a G graded chart since any such company should simply be out of business, but it would be opposite to an A graded chart.  It would slope downward at a negative 45% angle or more.

In a future post I intend to rate the long-term charts of at least 4 major Indexes and about 9 sector charts.


EC Morris


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