The Morrisian Indicator

In my paper trading account I just submitted an order to buy 6 November Puts for TCK after this stock produced a sell signal on my indicator with a crossover of the centerline to -.03.  This is the only crossover produced by the selloff last Friday.  There are other crossovers that I am looking at in the near future.  First, the position CBG is approaching a negative crossover after a heavy volume down day from last Thursday.  Currently it sits at only .13 above the centerline.  Another possible negative crossover is CX which stands a .3 above the centerline but it has a sharp downward trajectory and on Friday this stock went down on very heavy volume.  MT acheived crossover as I thought it would on Friday of -.17. It went down on heavier volume than the prior day.  This will be a short post for now.  I will try to post again tomorrow.


EC Morris

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